NDFC Executive Statement

In response to a variety of false or misleading social media postings regarding the NDFC organization, the NDFC executive respectfully issues the following statement:


At the AGM in June 2023, held in Ste. Hyacinthe, Quebec, the Darts Ontario member darts body was dissolved, and Eastern Ontario, Western Ontario and Labrador darts bodies were officially accepted into, the NDFC organization at a vote of the board of directors.  This vote was held pursuant to NDFC Constitution Section 4.2 – Membership – Member Darts Bodies.  Apart from 1 (one) provincial director abstaining, all provincial/territorial representatives voted in favour of accepting the application of each darts body as a new NDFC member darts body.


With the creation of the new member darts bodies, questions of residency understandably arose. Regulation – Membership Eligibility, Individuals - states, in part, Individuals shall be permitted to take out membership in any Member Darts Body provided it is agreed upon by both Member Darts Bodies. It goes on to state that should a mutual decision be unattainable, the member or member body could appeal to the NDFC Membership Director. Of the cases the executive has been made aware of, the residency decision was agreed upon by both member darts bodies and no appeal to the NDFC Membership Director is available nor required.


In preparation for the 2024 National Darts Championships (for the adult and youth) it was determined that a policy change regarding the format of the national championships is required. Regulation 22.1 – Policy Changes allows for alterations to an existing format, rule, or guideline when it is proven to be detrimental to the sport of darts and/or its administration. The current format for the national championships is based on a 12 (twelve) member body organization. Adding a net of 2 (two) additional member darts bodies impacts the players and the administration and therefore the sport of darts. The impact was detailed in the format change details previously distributed to all the provincial/territorial directors and secretaries and NDFC executive.


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