Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 restrictions and the potential that participation could be adversely affected, the NDFC Executive have made the following decision regarding the NDFC ranked tournament payouts and strongly recommend that the following disclaimers be added to tournament posters:

  • The minimum guarantee of $3,000.00 will remain on all posters and the total payouts for ladies and men’s singles will be honored and paid to the players. However, all other events that are not covered by the number of participants registration fees the organizers of the tournaments will have the right to reduce the payouts for that event and pay only the total of the registration fees received from the players. The organizers of the tournaments will have to show the players the number of registrations they received for that event and make sure that amount is all put back into the tournament. If the event is covered by the registrations received, the organizers must pay the amount that appears in the breakdown of that event on their posters.   
  • The organizer cannot be held liable for any expenses or inconvenience incurred because of a cancelled or postponed tournament due to the reimposition of any local, provincial, or federal gathering restrictions.

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