Upcoming Nationals Location Changes

In light of the global pandemic and in co-operation with the provinces of Nova Scotia and Ontario and the Nationals Centralization committee, the National Championships for the Adult and Youth programs have been rescheduled to be held as awarded prior to this years’ cancellations.

Therefore in 2021 the Province of Nova Scotia will host, in 2022 the Province of Ontario will host and in 2023, the Nationals Centralization committee will take over hosting duties as per the 2019 AGM held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Many have questioned how the makeup of teams will be determined (e.g. provinces sending their 2020 team or a new provincial championship). This is up to each individual province or territory to determine. Some provinces were unable to host provincials in 2020 and don’t even have a 2020 team, while other provinces could have funding agreements in place that need to be considered. 

With regard to the youth program, research has been done across other sports and no other sport has made any changes or provisions for exceptions for age groups. Therefore, the current NDFC rules will remain in place relative to the age restrictions for youth players for all upcoming Youth Nationals. 

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