BDO Lakeside World Championships 2016

Canada's two contenders, David Cameron of Nova Scotia & Jeff Smith from New Brunswick step to the stage in January 2016 for the BDO Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships in England. 

David Cameron Jeff Smith


Check out the lineup here courtsey of the BDO


Catherine Haycock

Canadians at World Masters

Canada's Top Darters are off to England this week to play in the World Masters.


Check out the latest updates here courtesy of the BDO. Our Candians are amazing!

Cheers on John Norman Jr of Newfoundand & Labrador as he has reached the top 32 in the Men's singles. Playdowns start Friday.

You can watch free Livestreaming courtesy of Winmua TV.

Follow the knock-out brackets here courtesty of the BDO






Canadians Off to the Masters...

Joanne Luke
Ivy Wieslow
Maria Mason
Raina Burke
Kayla Thompson
Amy Spracklin
Steve Warnock
Jeff Smith
John Norman Jr.
Derek Hanley
Rory Orvis
Steven Wilcox
Travis Mampassi


Catherine Haycock

Canada's National Coaching Program




National Dart Coaching Program

Being a coach takes passion and dedication. Being a great coach, often requires additional training.

Darts Alberta administers the National Dart Coaching Accreditation on behalf of the NDFC. 

Read the NDFC News Release here

Read more about this exciting program...

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Special Flight Deals for Travel to Canada's Ranked Tournaments

2016 Canadian Nationals Travel Offer

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Many thanks to Sandi Orr of Alberta for spearheading this promotion.


Catherine Haycock

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