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Who's Ranked #1 in Canada? - April 30, 2017





April 30th, 2017



Official List


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Please contact Maggie Leblanc the NDFC Ranking Officer for any questions. 


World Rankings - World Darts Federation (WDF) British Darts Organization (BDO)


   WORLD RANKINGS      Courtesy of the WDF


Ladies Ranking  

Men's Ranking 


Girls Ranking

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WDF Tournament Calerndar





BDO Rankings


Ladies Rankings


Men's Rankings


BDO Tournament Calendar



Canadian Regional Table 

(To Detemine Lakeside Invite)

Currently Men Only Invite



Congratulations to our top Canadians



2016 World Masters Invites



Congratulations to everyone who received an invite to the 2016 World Master's in England






NDFC Archives 30+ years of Our History



NDFC History


Adult Championship Results

Youth Championship Results



Browse the results of more than 30 years of the Canadian National Darts Championships.


Catherine Haycock

NDFC Photos on Flickr


Check out our NDFC Photo Albums on Flickr for over 2000 pictures from past Adult & Youth National Championships & the 2013 World Cup. Enjoy!


Catherine Haycock

National Sponsors

We are extremely grateful for the continous support from our long standing national sponsors. Thank you to the following sponsors for promoting the sport of darts in Canada!



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